Our  Prices

We require just a $50pp deposit and the rest on the Jump Day or you can decide to pay the full amount, feel free!
Check the availability and simply book Online trough our website in the BOOK NOW page.

We provide also FREE Transportation Service from your Hotel to our Drop zone and back too.

Tandem Jump


Don’t also miss the opportunity to capture your tandem skydiving adventure forever!

Our Instructors will document your skydive so you can relive your experience of a lifetime

and prove to your friends and family that you actually did it!

Jump's Photo

Jump's Video


over 100 digital quality photographs


edited with titles, special effects and music

This 10-15 minute, action-packed DVD includes shots of you gearing up for your skydive, followed by an interview getting those final pre-thoughts about your skydive. Then it’s time to board the aircraft for a 20-minute plane ride to 10,000 feet.


Just before exiting the aircraft, we get any last comments before you start your skydive. He will capture your expression as you make the initial leap from the plane.


As you free fall at 120 miles per hour, we will capture your exciting skydiving experience on digital video.


After filming your parachute deployment, your instructor will then capture your excitement while you float effortlessly around our beautiful island.


You’ll conclude your video with a final interview describing how much fun you had on your first skydive!


What are you waiting for?

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